Video Editing Services - Commercials Promotional Samples

1. 2015 Great Give Commercial (Web Version) (requires Flash Player)

Pro Cuts Editing Services took the post production helm for The Production Stable to deliver a stunning video to encourage citizens to support their communities.

2. Cleo's Commercial (TV Spot; Summer 2014) (requires Flash Player)

Producer Doug Wirth of The Production stable had us put together a spot for a local business located in an upscale area of Annapolis, MD.

3. 2015 Legislative Fly In Promo (requires Flash Player)

Here, we took the client's footage with additional graphics to create an informative promo for an upcoming event.

4. Auto Show Promo - OnWheels, Inc. (requires Flash Player)

This is an example of how Pro Cuts Editing Services implements the specific requests of the client. We added a voice track, trimmed down the footage, achieved an orderly flow, and added some graphics.

5. Uncle Andy's - Jay Vending (requires Flash Player) (requires Flash Player)

This is another example of how Pro Cuts Editing Services incorporates editing and graphics to create a smooth and simple presentation.

6. Big Brothers Big Sisters (National Capital Area) - Awards Dinner (requires Flash Player)

We have put together a simple but elegant presentation of an awards dinner for a wonderful program and nationally known charity.

7. Corporate Video Sample - Special Announcement (requires Flash Player)

A Baltimore-Washington area firm has a special announcement with graphics and Spanish Subtitles.

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